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Modern technology for historic buildings

Heritage wooden master windows with wooden weatherboard

When the functionality of old, historic windows is impaired, the entire fabric of the building might deteriorate; and if renovation is no longer possible, the only option is to replace the window.

With UNILUX wooden master windows for historic buildings, you can combine the right look with modern technology for first-class results.

Our UNILUX wooden master windows are available in the profiles Rustic and Smooth. Our Smooth design concept shows a clear edge. This was specifically developed for modern architecture, and it highlights cool, uncomplicated lines.

Our Rustic design line is completely different: It focusses on classic, hand-made windows, making it suitable for traditional building styles and the kind of original façades of historic houses.

The weatherboard is available
in two different lengths

If rainwater is not drained away, it will damage your wood in the long run. And this is why our predecessors invented the weatherboard, which is mounted directly onto the window sash. This is an ingenious drainage principle that you can still take advantage of today. With historical windows in particular, where an aluminium rain rail would not fit in stylistically, a wooden rain guard is the ideal solution. It comes in two sizes – with widths of 18.5 or 36 millimetres.

Building depth
78 mm
Glass thickness
Up to 40 mm
Up to 0.84 W/m²K
Up to 0.5 W/m²K
Burglary protection
Up to Class RC2
Sound insulation
Up to 44 dB

Decorative elements, handles and

It had to be beautiful. Exceptionally beautiful. After all, historic buildings often don’t only have window frames; they also have plenty of decorative touches. This was the visual icing on the cake. And these days, when it comes to preserving the style of a heritage building , this isn’t something you have to do without.

With our wooden master windows, you can select from a large range of decorative wooden elements, as well as decorative metal fittings. This will ensure that your renovation does justice to the original.


These are a common sight on historic windows: capitals. They form the crowning glory of a decorative profile or ledge and ensure that your windows remain true to the original. Your UNILUX specialist partner will show you the entire range of capitals, pedestals and intermediate pieces.

Bar gear and decorative bands

Elegant and simple at the same time: A decorative bar gear gives windows that certain something. Specially developed for the protection of monuments, when applied in combination with the right decorative bands, this is something that underlines the charm of historic windows. Even with a contemporary, minimalist design, it is a real eye-catcher.

Our decorative bands are available in five colour variants.

Matt black
Brushed black

Monument handles –
suit any environment

Design to grab hold of: Every historic window has its own style. To match the listed building master windows from UNILUX , every UNILUX handle is not only a solid piece of "Made in Germany" craftsmanship, but also a visual gem. A utensil that expresses your taste and style.  

Our monument handles are available in four historic colour variants, to suit any environment.

Antique brass
Matt nickel

Every house has a front door.
And possibly one that fits perfectly.

It should be welcoming. A sparkling jewel that signals to friends and neighbours that: “Here, we feel good. Here, we feel at home.”

But good design alone is not good enough for us. A modern front door must not only be visually appealing, but also win you over with its functionality. Every one of our doors is an example of robust quality. Be it security, soundproofing or energy efficiency – with a UNILUX front door, the weather and uninvited guests are kept firmly outside. And the warmth inside.