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Modernity meets functionality

Classic wooden master windows with aluminium rain rail

During rainfall the lower parts of a window are subject to heavy wear. To ensure that water can drain away easily, our predecessors invented the weatherboard. The aluminium rain rail is acknowledged as its modern version. Placed on the frame , it leaves the window sash exposed. The Classic version embodies both functionality and elegance.

The details make the difference. For example, the fittings of the wooden window, which we have flush-mounted. Avoiding unnecessary corners and edges wherever possible gives the windows an impressive look.

Permanently: The glazes we use contain special pigments, which protect the wood from UV radiation. The result? You can enjoy this kind of masterful craftsmanship for a long time to come.

Sash cover profile

Weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow, ice and the sun expose the outer parts of the sash to severe wear and tear, particularly at the bottom. The sash cover profile provides better protection than any coating. This is mounted externally on the window sash and helps to drain away rain water, among other things.

The sash cover profile is made of aluminium and is available in three different colours to match the rain rail.

Dark bronze
Building depth
78 mm
Glass thickness
Up to 40 mm
Up to 0.84 W/m²K
Up to 0.5 W/m²K
Burglary protection
Up to Class RC2
Sound insulation
Up to 44 dB

With UNILUX wooden master windows, you can choose not only from three versions (Classic, Style, Heritage), but also from two profiles: Smooth or Rustic. Our Smooth design concept shows a clear edge. This was specifically developed for modern architecture, and it highlights cool, uncomplicated lines. Our Rustic design line is completely different: It focusses on classic, hand-made windows , making it suitable for traditional building styles and the kind of original façades known with historic houses.

Rustic profile

The stepped look is a testament to traditional carpentry and cabinetmaking. In new buildings, this profile thus provides an accent, while it also integrates harmoniously into the original façades of older houses.

Smooth profile

A clear edge: This design concept was specially developed for modern architecture, which is characterized by its cool, no-frills lines . Future-oriented and style-defining.

Concealed fittings

The concealed hinge side for our wooden windows: No visible hinges, no covering caps – nothing disturbs the window’s clean lines. Even large sash weights are not a problem. Concealed fittings are just as good as their visible counterparts.

Recessed strike plates

Thanks to the flush integration of the metal components , the window frames are easy to clean. And, thanks to the flat fold, they are also impressive in terms of security compared to screwed-on locking parts.

For anyone who wants even more security, we offer maximum protection with our three SAFE+, SAFE++ and SAFE+++ security packages , providing up to Class RC2 burglar-proofing.

Every house has a front door.
And possibly one that fits perfectly.

It should be welcoming. A sparkling jewel that signals to friends and neighbours that: “Here, we feel good. Here, we feel at home.”

But good design alone is not good enough for us. A modern front door must not only be visually appealing, but also win you over with its functionality. Every one of our doors is an example of robust quality. Be it security, soundproofing or energy efficiency – with a UNILUX front door, the weather and uninvited guests are kept firmly outside. And the warmth inside.