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Modern wooden windows from UNILUX

Wood at its best – solid and high-quality wooden windows

Modern wooden windows from UNILUX combine a unique material, wood, which has outlasted every fashion and trend, with masterly designs that meet every functionality, comfort and security requirement and win you over with their multifaceted details. As a manufacturer of wooden windows we take care of your requests individually and offer you customized wood products which look great and provide excellent quality . No project is too complex for us. Discover our wide range of solutions now!

UNILUX – Wooden window manufacturer from Germany

Are you looking for wooden windows for your modern home? With UNILUX, come to expect comprehensive, limitless solutions. Our task as a window manufacturer is to offer a broad selection of windows made from various high-quality materials in addition to our windows made of first-class wood plus comprehensive advice. We bring your ideas to life, taking into account our commitment to quality in every detail. High-quality materials, combined with first-class coatings for protection from UV radiation and outstanding workmanship, as well as intensive quality controls ensure that we can keep our promise.

Be it for your new building or for the renovation of your historic building - with our modern wooden windows you are always opting for quality that delivers what it promises.

Properties of
UNILUX wooden windows

Here, every wish comes true: You can customize our modern wooden windows any way you want. We offer you the best possible design freedom, because everyone’s taste is different and unique. That's why you can choose from four fine types of wood for your window frames, both for our wooden windows with rain rail and for our wooden windows for listed buildings. In addition to pine wooden windows, we also offer wooden windows made of oak or larch , as well as eucalyptus grandis . You have the choice between different opening systems: closed, fully opening or ventilated with our bottom-hung wooden windows. We cater to your personal wishes.

Once you have found the right wood for your windows, you can choose between the rustic and smooth wooden window profiles. You can also choose from 189 wooden window colours and glaze shades . Let your ideas guide you as you decide on a masterly design for your wooden windows, as well as between several double- and triple glazing systems and a wide variety of window shapes. You can find more wooden window details on the page for wooden window materials and shapes.

You also have the option of wooden windows with muntin bars and customised wooden window handles.


Modern and special -
Windows made from high-quality wood

With UNILUX, you get: Fewer limits. More ideas. The right solutions. Our modern wooden windows make every wish come true. A particular highlight is their high quality and functionality .

Every UNILUX window does what it says. The special wooden window contours that you can choose from are impressive thanks to their aesthetics and masterly design. You can choose from the following window contours:

Classic master window with aluminium rain rail

Eternal values: With its powerful stepped look , this rustic design line is reminiscent of handmade windows from earlier times. The stepped look is a testament to traditional carpentry and cabinet making. In new buildings, this profile provides an accent, while it also integrates harmoniously into the original façades of older houses.

Style wooden master window - With front-mounted wooden cover

A rain rail made of aluminium combined with the look of wood - this is how the UNILUX "Style" wooden master window creates an elegant aesthetic in old building renovations and new buildings.

Heritage windows with wooden weatherboard

UNILUX wooden master window for listed buildings: a wooden weatherboard is a suitable replacement on a historic window if no rain rail is allowed to spoil the view.

Our wooden master windows are available in two different profiles

Rustic profile

Eternal values: With its powerful stepped look, this rustic design line is reminiscent of handmade windows from earlier times. The stepped look is a testament to traditional carpentry and cabinetmaking. In new buildings, this profile provides an accent, while it also integrates harmoniously into the original façades of older houses.

Smooth profile

A clear edge: The “smooth” design concept was specially developed for modern no-frills architecture . Pioneering and style-defining, it is characterised by an appealing contrast: cool lines meet warm wood. With its angular grace, this profile opens up exciting design possibilities in modern façade architecture.

Security of wooden windows

Every UNILUX window impresses with its uniqueness, but they all have one thing in common: Functionality and security are a top priority!

Protecting your home is important to us. Which means that neither stormy weather nor uninvited guests get past our secure and robust wooden windows . Recessed fittings and mushroom pins are part of our SAFE package, which we upgrade according to your wishes. We also offer you protection from annoying insects with modern insect screens.

Saving energy with wooden windows?
And how!

Our modern wooden windows have the advantage that they are extremely durable and energy-saving thanks to their solid wood construction . Added to this is the intelligent design of our wooden windows: Each unit has thermally insulated spacers between the individual panes of glass. This has the advantage of achieving better thermal insulation and a greater sense of comfort close to the window, and a noticeably reduced condensation build-up . Therefore, in combination with high-efficiency triple glazing , heating costs can be significantly reduced.

The right glass in the window panes
for your wooden windows

Primatherm 0.6 glass

Primatherm 0.6 is ideal for anyone who does not want to waste heat. The additional cost of the third pane of glass in the insulating glazing may be low. But the amount of energy saved as a result is considerable. Compared with normal double-pane insulating glazing, the thermal insulation is up to 80 percent better – permanently!

Coated glass for more solar energy

The special glass for greater energy absorption allows you to make more intensive use of the warmth of the sunlight that it captures. Thanks to an invisible pane coating , more natural solar energy makes its way into your house. This means that less heating is required in colder months and the spring and autumn periods. At the same time, this coating – in combination with an argon gas filling – ensures that the warmth stays in the house.

Soundproofing in modern wooden windows

In contrast to its energy balance, a window does not get its soundproofing from a third pane of glass. This is where the thickness of the panes comes into play. Depending on its thickness, our soundproof glass can achieve soundproofing values of up to 46 decibels (dB). Triple-pane thermal insulation glazing even achieves a high insulation value of 41 dB . This ensures that the noise from a main street is kept effectively at bay. Leave the noise outside. Turn your home into a cosy haven of rest and relaxation.

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The selection of our range is extended by the limitless variety of shapes, great colour freedom and a selected quantity of roller shutters and external Venetian blinds and many other accessories. Feel free to browse through our catalogue and be inspired by the many different possibilities.

Discover your design options with UNILUX now and contact us or find one of our specialist partners in your area – simply enter your postcode!