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UNILUX Plano – New standards for barrier-free wooden and wooden-aluminum doors

In a society that promotes diversity and inclusion, barrier-free construction plays a central role. UNILUX, a pioneer in innovative solutions for windows and doors, proudly presents its latest achievement: UNILUX Plano. This patent-pending zero threshold not only sets new standards for living quality, but also offers 100% accessibility for balcony, patio and front doors made of wood and wood-aluminum.

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UNILUX signs acquisition agreement with established manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors in Northern Germany

UNILUX announces signing of an acquisition agreement with HBI Holz-Bau-Industrie GmbH & Co. KG. The aim is to further strengthen the market position in the field of high-quality window, door and façade solutions.

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Designing personal light spaces - Whether window, glass façade or door: the individual solution is available from a single source

In one's own four walls, individuality is the trump card, after all, personal wishes can be realised particularly well here. At the top of the list are the attributes modern, open and flooded with light - and windows, glass façades and doors from UNILUX literally put these advantages into perspective. The manufacturer from Salmtal supplies customised solutions for the implementation of new buildings or renovations - always unique in design and also absolutely contemporary thanks to the highest energy efficiency values. Due to their high-quality workmanship, the windows, for example, guarantee reliable performance in terms of security, sound insulation and thermal insulation. In terms of material and colour, there is also a suitable counterpart in the range of wooden, wooden-aluminium, plastic or plastic-aluminium windows. The same applies to the door portfolio, which not only covers a wide range of trends and materials, but also offers resistant eye-catchers with added value. Last but not least, the floor-to-ceiling glass constructions promise pure light and space, combining innovative architecture with fine craftsmanship and excellent product properties. More at and

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Window cleaning: the right care for wooden windows - with these professional tips, windows and frames shine again in new splendour

In order to maintain the value of windows with noble wood surfaces such as those from UNILUX in the long term, the right care is important. This is how it works: Clean windows and frames at least once a year with a damp cloth and commercially available soft soap; remove dust from silicone seals with a lint-free cloth or disposable paper; use a rubber care stick for rubber seals; thoroughly clean hardware parts once a year; make moving parts run smoothly with acid- and resin-free lubricants and treat profile cylinders in lockable window doors with graphite. Under no circumstances should oil or grease, sharp-edged tools or scouring agents or cleaners containing solvents such as petrol, nitro thinner or acetone be used. More information at

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