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UNILUX – Windows and doors from Salmtal in Germany

UNILUX opens up perspectives

Shape rooms with glass surfaces

Quality and design combined

Entrance doors, windows and glass facades from UNILUX

Inimitable. Unique. Masterful.

Shapes, colors, materials

UNILUX has the right solution for every taste

More than 50 years ago, a carpenter in the Salmtal began making doors and windows, entirely by hand and with great attention to detail. Word spread about his quality and careful workmanship. Demand increased, and over the years, UNILUX came into being.

Now, just as then, the name ensures that you receive high-quality, tailor-made solutions for windows and doors. At our own production facility in the Salmtal, we manufacture windows, glass façades and doors that meet modern requirements such as high energy efficiency. Find out more about UNILUX, an experienced manufacturer from Germany!

Quality and design combined:
UNILUX GmbH products

Experience our range at a glance on our product page. Our product range embodies the achievements of craftsmanship and combines them with modern engineering. The result is excellently constructed solutions for windows, glass façades or doors.

In addition to properties such as high energy efficiency, soundproofing or heat generation, the aesthetics of our products are also important to us. Designs which enhance your property play just as important a role as functionality with UNILUX GmbH.

Experience the latest window trends:

from classic to modern

As a well-known window manufacturer in Germany, we offer you a wide range of window types, ranging from traditional lattice windows to established standard models. You will receive solutions tailor-made specially to meet your needs, in which you decide on the aesthetics, materials, dimensions and much more by yourself!

As a modern-focused company, we always keep an eye on the latest window trends, such as glass façades with extra-large windows that extend to your floor. Our concepts bring plenty of daylight into your rooms and thus open up new perspectives.

The range of possibilities extends to the material properties and visual highlights such as different decors for the window frames. UNILUX is an expertise leader, particularly in wood & aluminum windows. It’s all in the mix: The inner frame is made of comforting wood, while the outer frame is made of robust aluminum. The windows are beautiful to look at and are impressive thanks to their excellent thermal insulation and durability.

Our wooden windows with UV protection are perfect for natural environments. Choose the type of wood and color, to give your new windows a personal touch. You will find that our PVC window and PVC & aluminum window models can withstand a lot. Thanks to triple-glazing, save a lot of energy, and plenty of money!

Glass façades:

for attractive aesthetics
and plenty of light

Visually and technically, our glass façades are masterpieces. Carefully thought-out constructions made from wood, aluminum and glass allow meter-long panoramic windows. Swap concrete walls for a wall of windows to create a breathtaking effect: thanks to this modern style, your indoor and outdoor spaces merge almost seamlessly. Plenty of natural light illuminates your living space, which increases your quality of life enormously.

With UNILUX models such as OpenView the window requires no intermediate struts. Even corners are almost invisible, which means that the view is expansive and free. Another masterstroke of our window front is the positive energy balance that is released through the integration of invisible insulation.

Doors from UNILUX:
upgrade your real estate!

Which door would you like? As we are a well-established door manufacturer in Germany, you have a wide variety of doors to choose from:

  • Main entrance doors
  • Side entrance doors
  • Aluminum doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Balcony and patio doors
  • and a wide range of other models on request

A door has many functions. In the first place, it provides protection against thieves and from the wind and weather. But it also influences the energy efficiency of your property and ensures peace and quiet within your four walls. In order to make the most of these positive characteristics, place your trust in high-quality doors from UNILUX.

There are interesting door models available for every purpose and taste. Choose a specific frame color, material, size and the right locking mechanism.

UNILUX as a company:
We want to put a smile on your face

UNILUX from Salmtal offers you comprehensive customer service. In addition to quality products, we also provide professional and personal advice. We provide targeted help to ensure the successful implementation of construction projects. A significant strengths is our proximity to our customers.

Our UNILUX locations are distributed across Germany. Our specialist partners support you on-site with your construction project. They take care of delivery, installation and advice. Even once you have placed your order, our specialists are there for you, should you have questions or need spare parts.