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Roller shutter systems –
the reliable sun and
privacy protection

High-quality roller shutters for a
comfortable ambience from UNILUX

Our roller shutter systems for windows are practical classics that add a decorative touch to many houses. They provide effective protection against prying eyes, sunlight and even against break-ins.

Get to know our high-quality roller shutters now and enhance the comfort of your property. Our UNILUX partner companies will provide advice on, deliver and install your roller shutters.

The benefits of a roller shutter system for windows

Even in Roman times, folding shutters made of wood were used to provide privacy. Their successors, today’s roller shutter systems, perform the same function, which is why they are popular. In addition to protecting your privacy, roller shutters provide protection from the sun. When you roll down roller shutters from UNILUX, you achieve complete darkness. This practical glare protection also prevents higher temperatures indoors, depending on the material. In winter, this second wall provides simple thermal insulation. When installed correctly, it can also provide soundproofing.

Another advantage: A stable roller shutter system with a high resistance class increases intruder protection.

The individual advantages of a roller shutter system vary depending on the design and materials used. We will be happy to explain the specific properties of our different models as part of a consultation.

Different roller shutters for every situation

Roller shutters for new builds

A roller shutter comprises a roller shutter casing into which the shutter curtain is rolled when retracting. For new builds or major renovation work, the roller shutter casing can be installed via the lintel box in the wall when installing the window.

A plus: The wall, window and roller shutter system form a visually attractive whole.

Top-mounted roller shutters with top insulating properties

If you want to save energy, it is worth replacing your old windows, as modern energy-saving windows offer excellent insulation properties. So if you are planning to replace the windows, consider top-mounted roller shutters!

This type of roller shutter is mounted firmly onto the window frame. The field of view is reduced, while you gain a shade, and you benefit from good insulating properties.

This window including its top-mounted roller shutter is particularly well suited to new builds as well as for the renovation of existing homes.

Front-mounted roller shutters are ideally suited to refits

So-called front-mounted roller shutters are roller shutter systems for windows that themselves form a unit. They are ideal for refitting, as they are attached to the existing masonry or window from the outside.

The front-mounted casing may protrude in front of the existing building façade. Make sure that you choose a visually attractive model so that this does not have a disruptive effect. In addition to the color, you can also choose the shape of the roller shutter.

Roller shutter systems with insect screens – the complete solution

We offer you different roller shutter systems with integrated insect screens. On these models, the casing contains not only the shutter curtain but also a further roller in the form of a retractable fly screen. Simply lower the screen to effectively protect your rooms from insects.

Roller shutters are also available for doors

You can fit a roller shutter to your patio, balcony or side entrance doors in the same way as your windows. The system is identical, and tailored to the dimensions of the relevant door. It is also possible to integrate a motor so that you can raise the roller shutter at the touch of a button.

What is better: external Venetian blinds or roller shutters?

External Venetian blinds or roller shutters are two similar products, but they have subtle differences:

External Venetian blinds make it easier to control light penetration, as the individual slats can be rotated. You don’t have to raise the entire blind in order to see outside. However, a Venetian blind is more susceptible to the wind than a roller shutter. In addition, a Venetian blind cannot give you one hundred percent darkness.

The choice is therefore a matter of taste, and will depend on your personal needs. We have both models in our range. We will advise you individually on your project in order to find the right product.

How much does a window with roller shutter cost?

The cost is dependent on a variety of factors, such as the dimensions of the window or the model that you choose. Therefore, the cost varies widely. However, we will be happy to send you a tailor-made quotation with no obligation.

Get advice on roller shutters from a dealer

Tailor-made solutions for your construction project: That’s our promise! Experience our high-quality products and our many years of know-how. Find your nearest contact with the Dealer search. They will give you expert advice on our individual roller shutter systems and perform a professional installation.