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The elegant all-glass corner – for maximum transparency and light penetration

With us, you are buying a window with a view!

An all-glass corner is a type of glazing that uses none of the additional posts that are normally found in the corners of a building. Our all-glass corner systems give you almost complete transparency – be it in the kitchen, the living room or any other living space.

Are you interested in a window with breathtaking panoramic views in your property? Contact one of our skilled specialist partners now for your new OpenView all-glass corner!

Design your windows the way you want them!

Be it an elevated window strip or floor-to-ceiling glass surface – our OpenView concept also enhances your modern, high-quality architecture. Of course, this architectural masterpiece is available in different types of wood, contours, wood and exterior colors that harmonize seamlessly with UNILUX wood & aluminum window types. Heat-insulating triple glazing is also available on request.

ESG safety glass for extra protection

ESG or even single-pane-safety glass is a thermally toughened glass that provides increased impact and vibration resistance. The standard toughened safety glass ensures optimized load distribution. Toughened safety glass has an additional advantage, namely that if it breaks, it shatters into small round glass splinters, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Narrow profiles for your window frame

The filigree design of our window profiles gives you maximum transparency and bright interior spaces. In addition, our narrow profiles open up spectacular panoramic views of the outside world – a broad view into the distance with no distracting window frames. Thanks to safety glass, aesthetics and robustness thus combine to form an ideal whole.

What should you consider with an all-glass corner?

With a corner window, it is important to prevent permanent moisture on the edge seal. The edge seal is a spacer used in insulating glazing and can be found on the edge of the glazing. In addition, the bonding of both window panes must not come into contact with chemicals or other incompatible materials.Excessively high or prolonged UV radiation with no countermeasures will cause permanent damage to the all-glass corner. It is therefore important to ensure that there is sun protection. Finally, permitted stresses should never be exceeded – this would also affect the statics of the panes over the longer term.

Discover the right floor-to-ceiling corner window and other dream windows with UNILUX now!

Discover the right corner window and other dream windows for your home with UNILUX, and experience a whole new dimension of light penetration!