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Modern muntin bars from UNILUX

Give your building a stylish look
with our muntin bars

Our windows with muntin bars create special, sometimes enchanted façades and interiors. They open up the promising possibility to create your individual architectural style. We carry different muntin bars that are suitable both for new-builds as well as for refits of existing properties.

You’ll be amazed at our modern solutions for your lattice windows!

Lattice windows are modern!

Windows with muntin bars were once the only way to build large windows. The bars provided a support function. But these days, this support is no longer required, and modern-styled lattice windows have become architectural design elements.

Muntin bars are modern and popular! They can be used to provide wonderful enhancements to façades. Fans of the country house style particularly appreciate this. In combination with appropriate furnishings, you can create dream living spaces that combine the modern and traditional.

Windows with muntin bars – different solutions for every taste

Glass-separating muntin bars

For an impressive effect

Our glass-separating muntin bars are equivalent to the historical variants that were often used in the past. Two panes of glass, together with a muntin bar connection piece, combine to form a large pane. The muntin bar is a little wider, enabling you to achieve an impressive effect, particularly with large window fronts with multiple muntin bars.

muntin bars

Cost-effective muntin bars for refits

Glued muntin bars are also known as “stick-on muntin bars” or “fitted muntin bars”. These narrow muntin bars visually divide the glass surface when they are glued onto the pane.

Glued wooden muntin bars are ideal, particularly for existing windows that you want to change at a later date. There is a certain flexibility to the arrangement of the muntin bars. From a cross to several separate fields, this variant offers you a high degree of design freedom.

Internal aluminum muntin bars and brass muntin bars

Easy-care muntin bars

Windows with muntin bars create a wonderful look. There is only one problem – the maintenance effort is increased, as you need to clean every segment individually. The solution? Internal aluminum muntin bars. A modern window is made of several panes of glass. There is a space between the panes, where we insert the muntin bars for the window.

The benefit to you: They create an attractive design, while retaining the comfort of a modern window. The visible surface is not split up, meaning that you can clean your lattice window in exactly the same way as a window without any muntin bars.

You can choose from the following foils/colors: pine, oak, larch or RAL colors. We offer you a large selection of colors, because the interior and exterior can have different color shades.

A further variant that we offer is the window with internal brass muntin bars.

Refitting muntin bars?

You have two ways of refitting muntin bars:

  • Purchasing a new window complete with muntin bars, or
  • Fitting muntin bars to an existing window.

The first option is particularly worthwhile if you are renovating your property.The cheaper second option is possible at any time.

Purchase practical accessories for your windows at the same time

Roller shutters and external Venetian blinds including insect screens

Privacy and sun protection from UNILUX includes: Roller shutters or external Venetian blinds. Both variants offer excellent protection against prying eyes and sunlight. Depending on the model, an insect screen may be integrated so that even flies, mosquitoes and other insects cannot get in. Discover the useful supplements that we offer for your new windows!

Customizable window handles

Modern lattice windows change the look of a façade and give it a unique character. You can create a further visual highlight with window handles. We offer a wide range of handles to match the window model. In addition to our classics, we can also provide you with lockable systems that protect you from break-ins.

Get some personal advice on lattice windows now!

Whether you’re an architect or property owner, lattice windows are a real way to improve the looks of a home. Take this opportunity to make your dream spaces come true. Windows with muntin bars can also provide the basis for a pleasant ambiance in an idyllic café. UNILUX will be happy to advise you on your project. Visit a UNILUX exhibition to see and touch our individual muntin bars.

You will receive personal advice from our specialist partners. Find a contact person in your area here: