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No frills, no gimmicks

The ModernLine wood & aluminum
window line

Absolutely no frills. The ModernLine wood & aluminum window line impresses with its matter-of-fact straightforwardness, modeling its looks on classics of modern architecture. With its clear lines, it has been created for contemporary homes and buildings with an urban flair.

No compromise in terms of thermal insulation. The ModernLine 0.7 guarantees maximum energy efficiency: Three panes with a glass thickness of almost 5 centimeters, a specially developed insulating core, thermally insulated spacers, a special gas filling and an invisible coating on both sides improve insulation values by 46% compared to a standard window.
Building depth
78 mm
Glass thickness
bis 52 mm
bis 0,71 W/m²K
bis 0,5 W/m²K
Burglary protection
bis Safe+++
Sound insulation
bis 47 dB

How many different tastes are there? When it comes to woods and colors, around 2 million. Because that's how many possible combinations you can choose from for your customized UNILUX wood & aluminum windows. Find out which wood goes best with which color and which decor best suits the aluminum shell.

However, UNILUX also offers exclusive added value in terms of security, shading or the use of heat.You can therefore be sure that your wood & aluminum windows are the best they can be. Perfection, made by UNILUX.

Every house has a front door.
And possibly one that fits perfectly.

It should be welcoming. A sparkling jewel that signals to friends and neighbors that: “Here, we feel good. Here, we feel at home.”

But good design alone is not good enough for us. A modern entrance door must not only be visually appealing, but also win you over with its functionality. Every one of our doors is an example of robust quality. Be it security, soundproofing or energy efficiency – with a UNILUX entrance door, the weather and uninvited guests are kept firmly outside. And the warmth inside.