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Discover almost infinite possible combinations with our PVC & aluminum windows

Material & shapes

How many different tastes are there? When it comes to colors and decors, around 100,000.Because that's how many possible combinations you can choose from for your customized PVC & aluminum windows from UNILUX.

Find out which color works best outside, and which wood decors or colors match your interior.

  • 2,132 colors and decors for the exterior design of the aluminum shell
  • 45 color and wood decor surfaces for the interior design of the PVC coating
Variety of shapes

Things don’t always have to be right-angled

When it comes to shapes, there are practically no limits to our wood & aluminum windows. Triangular or round window? Segment or a round arch? Your UNILUX retail partner will show you what is possible.

UNILUX also offers a large selection of muntin bars. Muntin bars are the visual icing on the cake of a window. They have a style-defining effect, in that they give a house an additional, individual touch. Our range includes four different lines – the right muntin bar for every taste: