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Large patio doors from UNILUX – up to three meters high

Large, slim and safe: JumboLine from UNILUX

A house with a stunning, large glazed frontage that gives you a great view? Here at UNILUX, we offer you the right patio and balcony doors with extra large glass surfaces exactly for this purpose.

Doors up to three meters high are no problem for us. Discover our JumboLine now!

The extra large door to your patio or balcony

While standard balcony and patio doors reach heights of around 2.60 meters, with the UNILUX JumboLine, we offer you doors up to three meters in height. How is this possible? This is feasible thanks to our integrated and solid door hinges that can support a sash weighing up to 200 kilograms.

Discover our variety of large patio doors in different styles and colors. To purchase, contact one of our specialist partners.

Optimal technology for your large patio doors

All patio doors from UNILUX come fitted with turn limiters as well as particularly strong door hinges. The turn limiter is there to protect the door hinges and prevent the sashes from opening too far. This enables them to open up to 90 degrees. The robust door hinges support door sashes with a weight of up to 200 kilograms. In addition, the hinges also guarantee the durability of the door.

The perfect combination of materials – wood indoors and aluminum outdoors

Wood gives your living room a comfortable atmosphere. But wood on the outside will wear out over time due to the effects of rain and sun. Therefore, using more weather-resistant aluminum outside makes for the perfect combination.

Insulating glass for high thermal insulation

The triple glazing in our balcony and patio doors provides the best possible thermal insulation and excellent soundproofing.

Patio doors with security features

Our products come with triple glazing and fittings with mushroom-head locks as standard. For even greater protection against break-ins, glazing in even higher security classes can also be used. Tear-resistant films are glued between the panes; safety glass of this kind, which is usually subject to testing, is referred to as laminated safety glass (LSG). Its P4A glass variant can even withstand hammer blows and thrown stones.

Suitable for our wood & aluminum window range

Our JumboLine patio door goes perfectly with our wood & aluminum windows. You can select between different types of wood and aluminum colors. We offer 2100 different aluminum colors and decors and 200 wood colors, including 20 transparent and semi-transparent glaze colors. In terms of wood types, you can select from oak, larch, Eucalyptus Grandis and pine.

Filigree profiles despite stately dimensions

In spite of their three meter height, the profiles are no larger than those of normal tilt-and-turn windows from UNILUX. As a result, the door looks classy and elegant despite its size. Nevertheless, it is still wide enough to support the large windowpane.

Tilt, open and close your large patio door in complete safety

You choose how your window opens, even with the opening system. You have the following options for your balcony door:

  • Tilt-and-turn balcony door opening inward (one or more sashes)
  • Tilt-and-turn balcony door with wheelchair-accessible threshold
  • Combinations of fixed glazing with tilt-and-turn element (balcony door with skylight)

Discover your favorite patio door at UNILUX now!

Assemble your favorite patio door with the features that you want, and contact one of our specialist partners for further information!