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PVC on the inside and robust aluminum on the outside:
the IsoStar Aluminum HS lift-and-slide door

As elegant as a profile can be

Elegant aluminum on the outside, robust PVC on the inside, and a dream in glass all-round. The IsoStar Aluminum HS lift-and-slide system creates a completely new spatial effect for your house, optionally even without any barriers whatsoever. And thanks to the outstanding workmanship, opening and closing is simply a matter of sliding.

With its narrow face widths, IsoStar Aluminum HS looks pleasantly slim. And the center lock has an integrated cover profile – for flawless aesthetics.

Steel reinforcements and thermal insulation

An aluminum exterior, PVC interior, and a steel core. Large steel reinforcements with optimal form fit ensure that the IsoStar Aluminum HS lift-and-slide system has the robustness that you have always come to expect from UNILUX.

And thanks to its triple-pane glazing, it also achieves exemplary insulation values to boot. The cold stays outside, and the heat inside. Like this, you can enjoy the spectacular view even throughout the colder months of the year.

Smooth guide rails

The extremely flat aluminum rail combined with the bearing-mounted running wheels enable a harmonious slide that is second to none.

Effective construction

Robust doesn’t necessarily mean chunky. With a construction depth of a mere 88 millimeters on both sides, IsoStar Aluminum HS looks timeless and delicate, yet is resistant to the wind and weather.

Secure ventilation

Thanks to the integrated gap ventilation unit, the window can be opened to the width of the gap, while remaining locked. For safety and healthy air circulation.

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