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Tomorrow’s window at today’s price


The German EnEV energy conservation ordinance requires that the heat transfer value of windows must not exceed 1.3 W/m²K. With IsoStar and a total glass thickness of 48 mm, this figure is a mere 0.73 W/m²K. And you even save twice: when you first purchase it, and then, day after day, night after night. That’s because this window keeps the heat where it belongs: in your house.

Thank to its clear, smooth lines and an installation depth of only 88 millimeters, our IsoStar PVC window also looks great. Timeless design that discreetly accentuates the architecture of your house.
Building depth
88 mm
Glass thickness
bis 52 mm
bis 0,71 W/m²K
bis 0,5 W/m²K
Burglary protection
bis Klasse RC2
Sound insulation
bis 48 dB

By the way, with the economical SuperThermo3 triple-glazing version, you get the best possible thermal insulation. With a Ug of 0.6 W/m²K, SuperThermo3 is even suitable for passive houses.

The IsoStar PVC window range can also be ideally combined with the IsoStar HStec PVC lift-and-slide door

Every house has a front door.
And possibly one that fits perfectly.

It should be welcoming. A sparkling jewel that signals to friends and neighbors that: “Here, we feel good. Here, we feel at home.”

But good design alone is not good enough for us. A modern entrance door must not only be visually appealing, but also win you over with its functionality. Every one of our doors is an example of robust quality. Be it security, soundproofing or energy efficiency – with a UNILUX entrance door, the weather and uninvited guests are kept firmly outside. And the warmth inside.