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High-quality insect screens for window and doors

Effective UNILUX fly screens –
keep insects out, permanently

A properly thought out, high-quality insect screen for windows keeps your interiors free from insects. The mesh of the fly screen is sufficiently fine to ensure that flies, mosquitoes, moths, and other insects cannot get in. It’s a highly effective measure to keep insects out permanently.

Our service: Our fly screens are installed by experienced craftsmen.

Insect screens from UNILUX: You can choose between two variants

We offer you tailor-made solutions for all types and sizes of windows and doors. Basically, we differentiate between insect screens as a roller blind in a roller shutter casing or as a separate component:

  • High-quality design separate insect screens as separate components are excellently suited to retrofits with no major renovation work.
  • Fly screens in roller shutter casings are relatively more complex to install, but have the advantage that shading can be installed at the same time.

New builds, renovation projects and existing properties can benefit from both variants, as fly screens are suitable for all types and sizes of windows.

For larger renovations or new builds, we recommend choosing an insect protection solution suited to the respective type of window, such as an insect screen for wood & aluminum windows. In our range, you will also find wood & aluminum, wood or PVC windows with the right fly screen.

The fast, practical solution with no roller shutters

We offer a high-quality insect screen for retrofits as a standalone component. We cut the close-meshed net specially to your window size and secure it to the window frame using a clamp-on frame. The frame has a grip for easy opening. Alternatively, vertically operated insect screen roller and hinged and sliding door variants are also available.

This lightweight construction integrates in a visually harmonious manner into the overall picture of your living space.

2-in-1 solution: shading and high-quality insect screen in one

Would you like additional shading? Fitting a roller shutter casing is ideal in this case. The roller shutter casing is equipped with a shading and a UNILUX window-fly screen, so that you can choose between shading or a high-quality insect screen.

Upgrade your property quickly with this variant. It is also sure to enhance your feel-good experience! From now on, it is the homeowner who decides whether to let insects and sunlight in.

Protect your doors from flying intruders as well

With UNILUX insect screens, you get an end-to-end solution for windows and doors. For balcony, patio and lift-and-slide doors as well as other door systems, we have the right fly screen. Protect yourself from unwanted intruders!

The best thing about a high-quality design window with an insect screen: Insects can’t get through. But air and light do. With our fly screens for windows and doors, ventilation works as though the insect screen was not there. This provides a high level of comfort, which is reinforced by the solid aluminum frame construction.

Suitable accessories for your personal wishes

Our products can also be custom-designed with additional accessories. As a supplier and manufacturer, we produce with a love of design:

Our accessories create an individual look and offer scope for customization. As the owner or architect, you select extras that are tailored to the rest of the property in order to create a real eye-catcher.

At the same time, you are upgrading living and business areas with useful functions. Our door handles which are made to match the door frame have an optional locking button, which increases the security of the residence.



Get fly screens made for your window and doors now!

We manufacture UNILUX fly screens for all windows specifically to meet your needs. Our specialist partners take care of all the work processes, such as the production, delivery and installation of your high-quality insect screen. Beforehand, however, take a look at the different models at a UNILUX exhibition.Our specialist partners will assign you a direct contact person. Use the UNILUX specialist partner search to find a company in your area that will help you with implementation.