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External Venetian blinds for windows – tailor-made solutions from UNILUX

Protection from the sun, insects and prying eyes

Venetian blind systems for windows are the modern alternative to roller shutters. With their attractive aesthetics and excellent functional properties, external Venetian blinds are used to darken rooms. They also protect your privacy, increase intruder protection and fend off insects in combination with an insect screen.

Find out about our tailor-made, innovative external Venetian blinds for your windows now!

Sun protection – external Venetian blinds provide effective shade

Sunshine has a soothing effect. With external Venetian blinds for windows, you are in a position to make optimal use of this solar energy. Thanks to their rotatable slats, daylight enters your window exactly how you want it. Depending on the setting, the light illuminates the room without blinding you. In addition, these can also provide darkening including privacy protection so that you can sleep in peace.

As the slats can be closed, external Venetian blinds for windows also allow you to save energy. In winter, they reduce heat loss, while in the summer, the external Venetian blind system prevents heat buildups.

External Venetian blinds with effective insect screens

We offer you external Venetian blinds that also come with an insect screen. This effectively prevents insects from coming in.

FAQ on external Venetian blinds for windows

Intruder protection: How burglar-proof are external Venetian blinds?

Our external Venetian blinds for windows provide an additional obstacle to break-ins in two ways.

  • External Venetian blinds with smart home systems or automated functions give the impression that you are always at home. That deters burglars.
  • Break-ins happen fast. However, breaking through rigid guide rails and slats takes time, energy and may make noise, so attempted break-ins are more likely on windows with no external Venetian blinds.

Can I retrofit external Venetian blinds?

Our external Venetian blinds for windows can normally be retrofitted from the outside. The external Venetian blind comes in a casing which is mounted above the window. Different variants are available, which mainly differ in their visual effects. For example, the casing can end at the edge of the window, or extend beyond it. Covers can also be installed so that the walls and external Venetian blinds form a harmonious whole. Get advice from a UNILUX specialist consultant to check which version suits you best.

What is the difference between external Venetian blinds, blinds and roller shutters?

Many people use the three terms “external Venetian blinds”, “blinds” and “roller shutters” synonymously. But if you look closely, there are subtle differences:

Windows with external Venetian blinds

Their greatest advantage is their mobility. The slats can be moved individually so that you have optimal control of light penetration. Electronic versions operate at the touch of a button. There are also models that you operate using a hand crank. The latest version has wind and light meters so that the external Venetian blind is controlled automatically, without you having to do anything. The slats are designed for outdoor installation and are robust against the impact of weather.

Roller shutters

These beloved classics are used to darken a room completely. They are operated manually, or electrically with an integrated motor. When the roller shutters are rolled down completely, they act in the same way as external Venetian blinds and blinds, as protection against insects and the heat, and provide increased intruder protection. Roller shutters have a single disadvantage, however: It is not possible to control sunlight properly. It is either completely dark, or completely light.


Blinds also consist of slats, but these are usually narrower than those on external Venetian blinds for windows. A complete blackout is not possible, but the slats can be rotated to adjust the amount of sunlight. A blind has similarities to an external Venetian blind system for windows, but it is considered less durable. They are therefore increasingly found indoors. There are special external blinds on the market, however.

Which is more economical – roller shutters or external Venetian blinds?

A variety of different models is now available on the market. Depending on the equipment, the price can be the same, or quite different. In addition to external Venetian blinds for windows we also offer roller shutters. We recommend that you seek advice on both products to find out about their costs and specific features.

Suitable accessories for your personal wishes

Our range consists of windows, doors and useful accessories. Choose from different materials, colors and looks and personalize your building.You can also choose from different window handles or create an impressive effect with muntin bars.

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