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Install barrier-free windows with intruder protection now

Open your windows effortlessly

Windows and doors comprise important elements when creating a barrier-free living area. Barrier-free windows make everyday life easier for wheelchair users and people with physical disabilities.

Windows with wheelchair accessibility are simple to open, offer sufficient light when seated, and a view of the outside. Our Advice Guide provides advice on the requirements that a barrier-free window must fulfill.

What are barrier-free windows?

Barrier-free windows are subject to certain requirements. It should be possible for a wheelchair user to use the window in the same way as a person with no disabilities. In order to achieve this, obstacles such as fittings that don't open smoothly must be avoided. DIN 18040-2 stipulates that:

  • The barrier-free window must be at the right height so that it is possible to look out of the window when seated.
  • At least one window must be installed in every room that can easily be opened for ventilation. The force required should be less than 30 Newton.
  • The window handle must be fitted at a height of 85 to 105 centimeters or it must be openable in other ways, such as with an electric switch.

In accordance with these instructions, floor-level windows or models that are installed at a parapet height of 60 centimeters are ideal. Fall protection is mandatory for floor-level windows. For people with visual impairments, it must be ensured that operating elements are easily recognizable. This is easy to do with suitable lighting or a choice of contrasting colors.

Other features such as intruder protection for windows and doors

In addition to the DIN standard, the windows must also meet modern standards. In particular, this means paying attention to optimal energy efficiency. A well-sealed window will save on heating costs in winter. Since replacing the windows in a house improves its energy efficiency, government funding is available.

Doors and French doors should also be barrier-free. As with windows, these should also be easy to open. Security aspects such as intruder protection for windows and doors are also important. Personal requirements may also apply, depending on your needs. For the sake of your well-being, you should also choose an attractive design. If you live in a noisy environment, window systems with soundproofing are a real boon.

Installing barrier-free windows and doors

Architects are familiar with the regulations and observe the necessary construction law aspects of apartments and houses. In a new build, it is easy to ensure that the window height is appropriate.

In existing buildings only very few windows are barrier-free. Most are set too high, making it difficult to see out. The handle is often also inaccessible for people with disabilities. More force is needed to open and close the window, particularly if the frame is warped.

The solution for existing living spaces is an extensive conversion. Depending on the situation, however, it may be enough to replace the operating elements. You are probably already familiar with electric door openers. Similar technical aids are available for windows, so that they can be opened at the touch of a button.

In the event of a complete replacement, barrier-free windows should be borne in mind when making your purchase. It is also possible to modify the masonry in order to make the height of the window barrier-free. The advantage of replacing a window is that extras such as sun protection can be incorporated.

What is the cost of a barrier-free window?

As you will have noticed, barrier-free windows are tailored to the individual. A visually impaired or elderly person may need a different barrier-free solution than someone in a wheelchair. It is therefore not possible to generalize these, and these must be considered individually.

Design the right window for you with one of our UNILUX specialist partners. You will receive professional advice on wheelchair accessibility and appropriate window solutions. Your barrier-free windows will then be professionally installed for you. Use our Search area to discover specialist companies in your area!